COVID - Delta Variant Information

As I write this, it is August 7, 2021, and unfortunately, COVID 19 is still with us! The Delta variant is increasing in numbers. Here is what you need to know about this specific strain of COVID:

  • Highly contagious
  • Symptoms/infectious period starts 4 days after exposure (shorter than 5-7 days of the original strain).
  • If exposed with a close contact, you need to quarantine and wait to test at 4 days.
  • The test is not accurate until 4 days after exposure.
  • This strain has Similar symptoms: sore throat, headache, runny nose, fever, cough, shortness of breath
  • Loss of smell less likely
  • Occurring mostly in unvaccinated people
  • But 4% of vaccinated patients are testing positive. This is likely to go up as cases and testing increases
  • We are no longer testing at our office as Testing is widely available and free in testing sites across the state:
    Find Our Testing Sites - COVID Check Colorado
    • Walgreens sells a home test for $23
    • If you are positive, please stay home and self quarantine for 10 days. We do not need to spread this anymore!
    • Our recommendations are to Mask indoors and in crowded outdoor places if you are unvaccinated or at high risk.
    • The best way to protect yourself from severe disease and from the downstream ramifications of COVID is to vaccinate. It protects your family and community too!

Please understand that due to the volume of calls and staffing, we are unable to take calls on the phone ot answer questions. If you are short of breath, have a cough, or have more questions about COVID, please call our office for a virtual visit so we can advise you of next steps. We cannot see patients with symptoms in the clinic as we do not want to expose our other patients or staff.

Thank you and be well in this crazy time!
The Peak Internal Medicine team